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Northern Kentucky Children’s Financial Literacy Celebration Tour with Sheila Bair

  • Monday, December 4, 2023

  • 10:00 AM 7:00 PM

The Kentucky Financial Empowerment Commission (KFEC) is excited to announce the Northern Kentucky Children's Financial Literacy Celebration Tour, a dynamic event aimed at promoting financial education among the youth. This unique celebration will embark on a tour with stops at several Boone County Elementary Schools, an Elementary Family Math Night, the Rotary Club of Florence, and the NKU Haile Women in Business, featuring a special reading session by Sheila Bair from her "Money Tales" book series at each location.

Sheila Bair, former Chair of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and a distinguished advocate for financial literacy, has authored the "Money Tales" book series to creatively educate children about money management and financial concepts. Copies of Sheila Bair’s “Money Tales” books will be given away at each tour stop, allowing children to take home these educational resources.

The tour schedule includes stops at several elementary schools, where Sheila Bair will conduct interactive reading sessions for students. The Elementary Family Math Night provides an opportunity for families to come together for a fun and educational evening centered around financial literacy. The Rotary Club of Florence and the NKU Haile Women in Business event offer a platform to share financial wisdom with community leaders and business professionals.

"I am thrilled to bring the 'Money Tales' book series to these diverse settings, connecting with students, families, and community leaders alike. Financial literacy is a lifelong skill, and I believe this tour will create lasting impressions on participants, inspiring them to make informed financial decisions," said Sheila Bair.

The tour will feature not only engaging reading sessions but also interactive activities, and opportunities for Q&A. The Kentucky Financial Empowerment Commission (KFEC) aims to make financial education accessible and enjoyable for participants of all ages.

"We are committed to reaching a broad audience with our Northern Kentucky Children's Financial Literacy Celebration Tour. By partnering with Boone County Schools, engaging families, and connecting with community organizations and businesses, we aim to create a positive impact on financial literacy across Northern Kentucky," said Jennifer Inman, Executive Director of the Kentucky Financial Empowerment Commission.

The tour schedule and locations for the Northern Kentucky Children's Financial Literacy Celebration Tour will be announced on the Kentucky Financial Empowerment Commission's website. The event is free and some locations are open to the public, with pre-registration available.

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