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Over 16,000 Money Tales books donated

Over 16,000 Money Tales books donated to low-income schools! Thanks to all of our friends and supporters for donating funds to make it happen.

The FoolProof Foundation and former FDIC Chair Sheila Bair today announced that they have donated over 16,000 Money Tales books to Title 1 schools throughout the country. The books, authored by Bair and published by Albert Whitman & Co, consist of magical tales, told in rhyming verse, that introduce elementary school children to money basics. The eight books in the series deal with topics such as the importance of savings and thoughtful spending, as well as financial risks such as over-borrowing, speculation, and financial scams.

"I am grateful to the FoolProof Foundation and our many friends and sponsors who have given generously to make these donations possible," said Bair.

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