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Updates from Galapagos

I recently returned from a wonderful trip to the Galapagos to catch up with some of my Money Tales characters. I’m happy to report that Billy the Borrowing Blue-Footed Booby is no longer borrowing. He’s started a family. (Look closely. You will see his eggs.) With children in his future, he’s become a model of financial responsibility. 

I also said “hi” to Albatross who tells me she’s learned her lesson about speculation after losing thousands of sardine dollars in Daisy Bubble. Her investment dollars now flow into well diversified stock index funds.

Lars the Lava Lizard now eschews “too good to be true” Ponzi schemes after falling for one in Shark Scam. He’s partnered with Iggy Iguana to start a highly successful specialty business selling organic mangos to giant tortoises.

Here’s an Iguana investor club meeting led by Iggy reporting the most recent quarterly profits in his and Lars’ mango food company. It’s doing quite well. 

Free of Sly Seal’s market manipulations in Daisy Bubble, demand and supply for Floreana daisies has returned to equilibrium.  Aren’t they beautiful? 

Sly Seal isn’t up to much these days after ripping animals off with his usurious loans in Billy the Borrowing-Blue Footed Booby and pump and dump schemes in Daisy Bubble. Fortunately, the animals of Galapagos are on to him. He’s a bit of a social pariah. 

Arlene the Giant Tortoise has also learned her lesson. She no longer lends her celebrity endorsements to Sly Seal’s manipulative schemes as she did in Daisy Bubble. She’s also an investor in Lars and Iggy’s mango business, enjoying one of their products here. 

Thought you would appreciate this update. If you want to learn more about all of my Galapagos Money Tales characters, my books can be purchased at any of your favorite booksellers.

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